Spread the Love! Charity Quilting

Spread the Love! Charity Quilting

Happy Valentine's Day!

As quilters, we have many opportunities to use our talents to make someone feel loved. Friends and family and occasionally a quilt for our home and loved ones;-). I hear through our customers that quilters are very giving!

There are many charity organizations that do a fantastic job of spreading the quilting love throughout the world. If you have a bit of time, talent and stash, please checkout these groups and any others you may know about.

Let's wrap the world in love, one quilt at a time!

Project Warm Embrace- Kansas Foster Kids

Feb 14th 2022 Lyn Heilman

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Oh, I've ordered from you MANY times! But thank you! 
Any suggestions?
 Ship order the day you get it. 
But wait!! ..... You already do that!  
Offer free shipping. 
But wait!!! ..... You ALREADY do that!  
Offer batting at the best price of anyone I know.
But wait!!!.... YOU ALREADY DO that!  
Have regular sales and notify us in an email.
Wait! Wait! Wait!  YOU ALREADY DO THAT!!!!

You are already wonderful and we are so grateful you are
there to supply our batting needs! 

Robin 1/28/2022


WOW…. All the way across the country and I received my package in 2 days!  This is AMAZING!  Thank you!


Jackie Mann

I am so amazed at your customer service.  I listened to the batting lecture Wed evening, ordered Thursday morning & the box arrived today (Friday).  Can't beat that!
I will need to brag about your customer service to my friends
Thank you!!
Kim Sime   01/22/2022