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Quilted Pot Holder




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                                                       Quilted Potholder/ Trivet

Supplies- 2- 9” x 18” fabric pieces for potholder body                           
                  2- 2 ½” wof strips for binding and loop
                 Scraps for decoration
                 2- 9 “x 18” pieces of heavy 100% cotton batting
                 1- 9” x 18” piece of heat resist                              
                 Thread for quilting and applique
                 Glue Stick or spray fusible



  1. 1.       Layer batting and heat resist( in the middle) between 9” x 18” pieces of fabric and quilt.
  2. 2.      Cut 1- 8” square and 2- 8” x 3 ½” rectangles
  3. 3.      Use glue stick to cover the back of your applique design.  Place in center
             of 8” square.  Zig Zag or satin stitch around applique to attach,
  4. 4.      Using wof strip- fold in half and bind 1 long edge of each 3 ½”rectangle.
  5. 5.       Create the loop from a 3” piece of wof strip.  Fold right sides together
             and sew a scant seam the length of the piece.  Turn and press. Pin to right side corner of 8” square,
             creating a loop.  The loop piece will be directed to the
  6. 6.      Using just a couple of pins as the pieces will be thick, pin rectangles to plain side of square at edges.
             You will have a small gap in the center.
  7. 7.       Using your WOF strip, finish the raw edge with binding.  I like to fold the binding strip in half with
             raw edges together. 
             Then sew to the back at a scant ¼”.
             Wrap the folded edge around to the front then machine stitch the fold to the stitching line. 
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Mix together 8 oz. softened cream cheese, 8 oz sour cream, 8 oz grated cheddar cheese and
½ packet of Ranch dressing mix. Roll in chopped pecans. Refrigerate for 1 hr. Serve with crackers.

Oh, I've ordered from you MANY times! But thank you! 
Any suggestions?
 Ship order the day you get it. 
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Offer free shipping. 
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Have regular sales and notify us in an email.
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You are already wonderful and we are so grateful you are
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Robin 1/28/2022

What a pleasure to do business with 
BattingSuperSale! The super fast shipping 
initself is huge but you really got me with an 
unexpected goodie bag that made 
my day! The lollipop went straight in my 
mouth and the fabric will be added to a quilt 
in the not so distant future!
Such a lovely nod to the customer
who chose YOU from all the options on 
the internet. 
Thank you for excellent service!
Jennifer 09/23/2022

I have been buying my batting from you for awhile and love that you have battings that I prefer but can't find anyone else selling.  And then I discovered that you sell Glide thread which has become a favorite in the last couple of years.  Lastly I love that you offer free shipping so I tell all my quilting buddies to check out your website.  Keep up the great job.  

Chris Vogel  8/22/2022