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  • Where is Stitch in Time quilt batting made?
Stitch in Time batting is manufactured right here in the U.S.!
Yes, an American made product!
  • What fiber content is Stitch in Time quilt batting?
Currently Bleached and Natural 80/20 ( Cotton/Poly) blend is available in multiple sizes, and a densely needle punched polyester.
  • What makes Stitch in Time quilt batting different from the others?
Stitch in Time batting was designed for quilters by quilters. The 80/20 is approximately the same weight as Warm & Natural and approx 50% heavier than Hobbs, but without the heavy scrim and no resin offering a beautiful drape regardless of the amount of stitching. The 80/20 is very consistent and stable. The great reduction in 'stretch' and lint makes Stitch in Time super easy to use.

Stitch in Time polyester is a wonderful densely needle punched fine fiber batting that offers incredible definition with quilting that holds its loft for the long term. Super soft, no shrinkage and easily needled by hand or machine makes it the perfect choice for many quilters!
  • Why did you develop Stitch in Time Batting?
Long arm quilters have been asking for a premium batting that was affordable, consistent and easy to use. Weight was also a consideration as the winters, in a great deal of the country, are significantly colder and a heavier quilt is a blessing. Scrim and resin were also a factor. Scrim is a poly product which can add stiffness and resin can be unpredictable in its function. We wanted an everyday batting that would not have these additives.

The price of the batting was also a big issue. Purchasing premium mid-weight batting has become cost prohibitive to many quilters. We offer you great pricing in the wholesale and retail markets therefore helping to keep quilting affordable! The best cost savings is buying by the roll. However, Stitch in Time also offers individual batts for your convenience.
  • Do you offer wholesale pricing?
Yes. Please contact us for the details.